Ring Messenger is a unique cloud-based Messenger with multi-device capability

Ring Messenger using the latest encryption technology.

Information & Entertainment

Ring is a messenger full of useful services that are available to you. Such as; games, entertainment, and other practical information. Choose your content or topics and enjoy easy access to the information that you need. Have a more fun and unique messaging experience using all of Ring's special features.

Chat and create Groups

Ring works on various platforms such as Android, IOS and there's even a web version. Thanks to this you can be online anywhere, anytime, with the joys of high speed, easy access, and Ring's attractive interface. You can easily set up group chats to get all of your friends involved, so no one's left out.

Send photos & videos

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so with Ring, you can send photos, videos, and stickers to make sure friends and family don't miss out on a thing. Send photos and videos to anyone you like and keep them updated. Ring will make sure to capture those sweeter moments.

Ring Messenger
Send Stickers

With Ring, you can share your feelings and moods using attractive stickers that are unique to Ring.

Ring Messenger
Change the Background

We want the best for you, and we want you to have the best experience using Ring, so you can change the background based on your tastes.

Ring Messenger
Personal Security

Ring uses the newest and most up to date methods of encryption to make sure your chats, conversations, and information are as secure as possible.

Ring Messenger is an instant messaging service using the latest encrypted technology.
Ring Screen Shot

Ring is available, everywhere, every time!

With Ring Messenger, you can enjoy a fast connection and modern chat on mobile, tablet and your computer. In any case, you can be connected with your friends only with Internet access and do log in to your acount. enjoy your chat and keep in touch of the world of information, services and entertainment.

Download Ring, NOW

You can now download Ring from popular app markets around the world. We'd love to hear your ideas and criticism. Leave us a rating and help us improve this messenger to provide new services and features, thanks!

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